Oakhurst Community AssociationFireworks and Pets…

With firework season upon us, it is important to take measures for our four legged family members. Dogs and cats can often become afraid and stressed during firework events. It is not uncommon for outside pets to run off or dig their way out of a backyard to escape the noise. Take the time before the fireworks begin to make a plan for your pet.

For detailed information, ideas and suggestions see the Animal Defense League of Texas website.

Oakhurst Community AssociationI Spy With My Little Eye…

Have you ever seen a suspicious activity, a streetlight not working or something out of the ordinary at your neighbor’s house while they’re not at home? Maybe vandalism to community property, a broken sprinkler, missing or damaged street signs? When residents of the community communicate issues such as these, they can be investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

There are a variety of ways to report different situations on the Oakhurst Community Association website:

  • The extra patrol request form for not in-progress activity. Extra Patrol Form
  • Contacting the responsible agency directly.
  • Contacting the Board of Directors. Contact Form

The Oakhurst at Kingwood website has contact information from emergency numbers to area utility services.

If it is an emergency or requires immediate response call 911.

The more vigilant eyes we have, the safer and happier our community can be!  Thanks for your help in making Oakhurst a great place to live.

Oakhurst Community AssociationRespecting the Golf Course…

We are very fortunate to be a master planned golf course community. Golf course communities tend to be quieter and retain higher property values than other communities. The Oakhurst Golf Club provides support for Oakhurst and all that is asked in return is to treat the golf course property with the same respect we treat our next door neighbor’s property.

David Preisler (Oakhurst Golf Club owner and Oakhurst at Kingwood resident) and his staff’s support is unwavering. It is important for all residents to understand that the golf club is a business and as such it has responsibilities to its members. One of the responsibilities is to ensure the safety of not only the members and property but also the public. With this in mind it is important to understand that cart paths and the golf course are private property. Walking on the cart paths while people are playing golf is not only trespassing but extremely dangerous–as golf balls travel at high rates of speed. Even night time strolls can be dangerous as golf courses are not lit and the cart paths are not maintained for pedestrians.

The golf course is interested in keeping its property aesthetically pleasing for its customers. While the areas often look great, the grasses quickly become damaged by dog urine and the high amount of nitrogen the urine contains. Another factor greatly affecting the course is illegal dumping. Unfortunately it has become a more common practice to dump trash or charcoal ash over a fence onto the course than disposing of it properly. Even more unsettling has been the damage done by some residents who venture onto golf course property and removed trees, underbrush and shrubs–all part of the planned course.

The Oakhurst Golf Club is one of our community’s closest partners. Their generosity extends to providing resources for our community events and meetings. This partnership has been a value that cannot be measured.

The association hopes everyone is proud of our community. Respecting these great partnerships help us all maintain that community feel.

Oakhurst Community AssociationFireworks Safety…

Fireworks are synonymous with our celebration of Independence Day. Remember, fireworks can be dangerous, causing serious burn and eye injuries. 240 people on average go the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries in the month around the July 4th holiday. Even sparklers burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees and can pose a serious burn risk.

If you choose to use fireworks, follow these safety tips:

  • Make sure fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using them.
  • Fireworks in brown paper are for professional displays only.
  • Always have an adult supervise fireworks activities.
  • Never carry fireworks in a pocket or shoot them off in metal or glass containers.
  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire or other mishap.
  • Follow all recommended usage guides on the firework.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Never attempt to hold or throw a lit firework.
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person.
  • Light fireworks one at a time.
  • Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks.
  • Never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully.
  • Douse the spent device with water before discarding it to prevent a trash fire.

More information can be found at the following sites:

National Council on Firework Safety

National Fire Protection Association

Kids Health

Oakhurst Community AssociationAssociation Committees…

Managing any size community can be an overwhelming task. Your Association Board created several committees to assist with the organization, maintenance and upkeep of our community.

All committees are made up of resident volunteers–who give their time and ideas; a committee chair–who leads and directs committee efforts; and an association board member—who serves to guide and advise the committee chair.

For more details or to volunteer, use the links found in the page menu.

Meeting dates are posted on the community calendar.

We would love to see you at a committee meeting and hear your ideas!

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